Castle Zorita de los Canes Expedition

Castle Zorita de los Canes Expedition


The Mission

Visitors to the castle are hearing voices and seeing mysterious figures wandering about the ruins. A recent increase in activity is driving folks away. After an archaeologist witnessed a shadowy figure, he left abruptly and the excavation was cancelled. Without answers quick, the castle may well be doomed to abandonment and a historical treasure will be left to deteriorate.

An agent has contacted the league. Hired by the prospective buyer, his aim is to put the rumors to rest. But his timeline is short and he desperately requires assistance to weed through a mass of reports and items from the site. He’s specifically asked for you. Are you ready to help?

About this Adventure

The Zorita adventure spans four to five weeks. Over the course of the ongoing excavation, packages will be delivered to you; each package includes an assortment of clues of varied composition. Your role is to solve the mystery by piecing together the information in official notices, police reports, personal journals, pictures, relics, paranormal investigations, and a host of other materials. But the path to the truth never proceeds in a straightforward manner…

During the course of this adventure, you will receive reproductions or replicas of  significant items connected to the site crafted by skilled artisans.

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Shipping costs will be added based upon the adventure purchased and the delivery location. Our goal is not only to entertain, but also to educate. With this in mind, each adventure is based upon a real site and the history is interwoven into the mystery. There is a dash of fiction to ensure the story ties together – and also because there are always gaps in our understanding of a specific location or item. With the final delivery of each adventure, a reveal is included. This reveal identifies the line between fact and fiction.