Cahal Pech Expedition

Cahal Pech Expedition


The Mission

We've placed one of our own on an excavation at Cahal Pech. However, it is not easy going. Our contact appears to have aroused the suspicions of at least one of the expeditions leaders. And the archaeologists are acting strangely. We need assistance - someone with an objective perspective and critical mind to decipher what clues exist.  Can we count on you?

About this Adventure

The Cahal Pech Mystery adventure spans four weeks. Four packages will be delivered to you; each package is a collection of clues. Your role is to solve the mystery by piecing together the information in letters, official documents, journals, ships manifests, field notes, relics, and an assortment of other items.

Over the course of this adventure, participants will receive one (or more) replicas or reproductions of significant items connected to the site.

Add To Cart

Shipping costs will be added based upon the adventure purchased and the delivery location. Our goal is not only to entertain, but also to educate. With this in mind, each adventure is based upon a real site and the history is interwoven into the mystery. There is a dash of fiction to ensure the story ties together – and also because there are always gaps in our understanding of a specific location or item. With the final delivery of each adventure, a reveal is included. This reveal identifies the line between fact and fiction.