What is Puzzles From The Past?

Puzzles From The Past is a purveyor of adventures based on actual historically significant sites. Over the course of multiple weeks, packages are delivered to you. Each package is a collection of clues. Your role is to solve the mystery by piecing together the information in letters, official documents, journals, ships manifests, field notes, relics, and an assortment of other items. With every adventure, you will receive one or more replicas or reproductions of significant items.

Who creates the Adventures?

Adventure creation is a team sport. Our team includes historians, epigraphers, archaeologists, anthropologists, ghost hunters, and other experts as an adventure requires.

How factual is a PFTP adventure? How can one discern between fact and fiction in a PFTP adventure?

Our goal is not only to entertain, but also to educate. With this in mind, each adventure is based upon a actual archaeological site and the history is interwoven into the mystery. There is a dash of fiction to ensure the story ties together – and also because there are always gaps in our understanding of a specific location or item. With the final delivery of each adventure, a reveal is included. This reveal identifies the line between fact and fiction.  

What is the duration of an adventure?

Adventures vary in duration – but our current offerings and those in planning range from 4-6 weeks.

Can I send an experience as a gift to another individual?

Absolutely. Every adventure would make a unique and engaging birthday or holiday gift. Please make sure to include the name, email, and shipping address for the recipient of your gift.


Shipping & Lead Time

How do I change the name and/or shipping address on my order?

If a name change and/or address update are needed, please reach out to our customer service at archivist@puzzlesfromthepast.com

What is the lead-time before an Adventure starts?

Adventures generally start within 5 business days after the purchase is made. If the timeline is delayed or needs to be adjusted, the archivist will contact you.

Can I purchase an Adventure now and have it ship later?

We will make every effort to ensure your adventure occurs at a convenient time for you to enjoy. If you have a specific time schedule to be met, please note this on your order when it is initially purchased – or contact the archivist at archivist@puzzlesfromthepast.com

At what frequency do you add new adventures?

There is no concrete schedule for the creation and production of any adventure. As our teams work on new sites, they become candidates for future adventures. In order to ensure we deliver a best-in-class product, the richness of the history and the availability of knowledgeable individuals are of paramount importance.


Payment & Availability

What forms of Payment do you accept?

Stripe serves as our third party processor. Our payment mechanisms are aligned with the most current version of their application.

Do prices include sales tax?

The listed prices on our website do not include sales tax. We do charge sales tax at check out.

What are the shipping costs?

At checkout, we estimate shipping costs based upon the adventure purchased and the delivery location.

Where are PFTP adventures available today?

Puzzles From The Past adventures are available in the Continental United States today. We fully intend to expand our offerings in the future to other locations.